2013 Rockets Draft Grade

I loved the pick of Isaiah Canaan. He could grow into a very good player. I watched some of his highlights and he looks like a smaller James Harden. He can hit the jumper from just about anywhere and he’s not afraid to go to the hole. He is a really good free throw shooter, shooting almost 89% from the stripe. He is a dynamic scorer.

But like most rookies he does have his share of problems. He’s not very tall. He’s only 6’0″, but I’ve seen shorter players pull it off. He doesn’t have great point guard skills. He was used mostly as a scorer in college so he’s not great at getting others involved. He also doesn’t have the size and quickness to guard some other NBA point guards.

I think he could fit into the rotation nicely if one of the other point guards goes down. I wouldn’t start him over Lin or Beverley. He has quite a bit of growing to do, but he could be a solid pro.

Grade: B


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